Stress Eating

Emotional Eating from Stress

Emotional Eating from Stress

How you put excess weight on in the first place is controlled by your eating habits. Many people use food for emotional comfort. If you are stressed, or bored, and find yourself rooting around in the pantry or refrigerator for something to eat, you will start adding weight. Stress increases cortisol in your body, and EVEN IF YOU DON’T EAT MORE, you can still gain weight from stress!  This is thoroughly researched and documented, although the diet industry doesn’t want you to know this. Furthermore, guilt from eating or “cheating” can make you feel guilty, and add pounds even though you are not over-eating! Belly Fat is the result of excess cortisol in your body and it is the result of stress!

Comfort Food?

Our very first association with food is love ! Newborn babies cry because their stomach is empty, and this warm body comes along and feeds you. The link is obvious: Food = Stopping the Pain, and the person who stops the pain is someone we love! What pain are you trying to stop by feeding yourself? Are you feeling unloved, and by nurturing yourself with food it fills that need?

The first way we can start dealing with understanding a weight problem is to become mindful. Before you put food into your mouth, ask yourself a question: Am I eating because I’m hungry? If not, why are you eating, and is it to fill a different need?

  • Feeling Stress and want comfort food
  • Socializing with others
  • Boredom
  • Loneliness
  • Frustration
  • Sadness
  • Anxiety

Diet Stress

Stress not only effects how your body metabolizes food, but also where the fat is placed on your body. The belly fat is the area that expands when our adrenal glands are affected by continuous stress. As soon as you go on a diet, your body shifts into stavation prevention mode. Your metabolism slows down to deal with the perceived threat of starving because of lack of food. This is a type of diet stress.

No matter how much dieting and exercise you do, once your adrenals are exhausted from habitual stress, the weight is not coming off and staying off! Dieting actually CREATES STRESS in your body!

Law Of Attraction and Dieting

Thinking that you are on a diet affects your thought patterns, and even has an effect on the Law of Attraction! Have you ever realized that as soon as you tell yourself that you are on a diet all you notice are food advertisements while watching TV? When you are away from home, your may find yourself only noticing stores that are selling food. Smells from these places become most prominent in your senses as well! That is The Law of Negative attraction.

Instead of telling yourself you are on a diet (negative), replace the statement with the positive affirmation: I am taking care of myself by choosing to eat healthy foods that taste wonderful. That positive affirmation, said in the present whenever you are aware of feeling like have a donut or something that isn’t healthy, will help you change your mind. Positive affirmations, repeated, and said with feeling, can help you focus on doing what you know is good for you, and will help you lose weight, and feel good about yourself! That is the Law of Attraction at work!

Bottom line: don’t be hard on yourself. Focus on eating only when hungry, not for emotional reasons; and love and accept yourself the way you are to relieve the stress. And if you really want something, EAT IT. But be mindful and enjoy it!

Don’t Feel Guilty

guilty puppy

So, some of the things you can do to help are: First, don’t get angry at yourself, and realize the frustration is self-defeating (creating more stress, ugh!). Start by thinking about food in a new way: you are eating for health, and enjoyment. Then you can feel good about what you are doing to take care of yourself- that’s a positive view, rather than an “I should…”. Don’t “should” on yourself. Use plenty of positive talk such as, “I am taking care of myself by eating healthy food”. “I enjoy eating food that is good for me”.

My programs are designed to help you separate your eating habits from an emotional reaction. Comfort and Food don’t go together! Get a hug instead! Learn how to deal with stress in a way that will help you relieve the feelings without putting food in your mouth! You’ll feel so much better, and you won’t be adding extra weight, that will make you feel even worse! The Mentabolism Makeover Program is specifically designed to help you use mindful eating as a STRESS Relief practice that will stop the effect of cortisol on your body. It WORKS!

If you are plagued with weight problems, they are most probably the result of STRESS. Take this assessment, and I will contact you to determine whether the Mentabolism Makeover Intensive Program is the answer to your weight issue!